A New LiveAuctioneers with Even More

Almost 3 million bidders use LiveAuctioneers to find extraordinary items in auctions around the world. This experience just got better than ever. Today we are proud to present the newest LiveAuctioneers.com making your online auction experience faster and more reliable, and, of course, with the best auctions.

The new LiveAuctioneers website is the fastest and most secure in the industry. With all the features you love from the ‘Classic’ LiveAuctioneers experience, including seamless messaging, saved searches, and personalized bids, the new LiveAuctioneers.com brings bidders and auction houses an even better digital live auction. Your new LiveAuctioneers is:

  • Fast:With industry-leading speed enhancements, your online bidding experience has never been faster, enabling bidders to get their bids in faster, and auction houses to process bids more quickly.
  • Secure & Reliable: The new site is powered by best-in-class security and stability technology, achieving 99.999% uptime during live auctions.
  • Mobile Friendly: Use LiveAuctioneers on any iOS, Android or tablet and get the same fast and secure bidding experience anywhere.
  • Optimized for Search and Search Alerts: On the new LiveAuctioneers.com, we’ve enabled faceted search functions that allow bidders to find unique treasures in thousands of auctions. To date, LiveAuctioneers bidders have saved hundreds of thousands of searches, alerting them to specific and unique new items from worldwide auctioneers. You can also search within catalogs and a single trusted auctioneers’ catalogs.
  • Upgraded for Easy Payments: We know how frustrating payment can be. With LiveAuctioneers, hundreds of auctions houses are now accepting payment online with bank-level security so you can pay for your winning items quickly and reliably.

As an industry leader in speed and technology, these updates are just the beginning. Stay tuned for even more updates to the LiveAuctioneers experience including, updated native mobile applications, improved search relevance, and so much more.

Explore the new LiveAuctioneers.com now

If you really miss the classic site, you can access it here.

Add Auction Curators to Your Sales

Introducing a new way to build trust with buyers to increase activity on your auction sales

Auctioneers can now add a headshot and short bio on their auction lot pages, revealing to bidders the expert specialist who curated the items for the auction. The addition of the auction curators’ profile on lot pages, enables auctioneers to:

  • Build trust with online bidders displaying the specialists at your auction house
  • Add context to sales by revealing who curated the sale
  • Create lasting value by disclosing your expert teams to bidders

It is proven that with more detailed descriptions and added context on your lots, bidders are more confident in participating in your auctions, driving up sell through rates on your items.

How to Add Auction Curators

How can you add curator bios to your lot pages? Email the support team support@liveauctioneers.com with the following information:

  • First Name and Last Name of Specialist Curator
  • Email Address of Specialist
  • Short bio up to 60 characters (example: Americana & Folk Art Specialist)
  • Headshot (optimal image size: 500px x 500 px)

Auction houses can provide an unlimited number of specialists for their auction house profile, however, at this time only two curators can be displayed per catalog. After bios are added to auction house profiles from by the support team, follow these instructions on adding expert bios to your catalogs.

To Keep in Mind

  • At this time, only up to two curators can be displayed per catalog
  • You can provide as many specialists as you’d like for your auction house profile, so you can choose the best fit for each auction
  • Photo tip: The best headshots are color photos, hi-res images, with a professional appearance

Ready to Build Trust?

Contact Support today to add Auction Curators to your catalogs and build trust with your online bidders.


Introducing Timed Auctions with Reserves

Grow more. Sell more. Vacation more.

Let LiveAuctioneers clerk your auctions with reserves.

Growing your sales has never been easier. We’re excited to introduce automated timed auctions with reserve prices on LiveAuctioneers. This technology gives Auction House partners a new opportunity to increase business sales by automating an auction without the need of a live clerk. This product update introducing reserves to timed auction automation saves Auction House partners time and money. This new functionality is offered at no additional cost, and can be used starting now.

With the implementation of this time-saving and money-saving update, auctioneers can:

  • Effortlessly host auctions without a live clerk
  • Optimize bidder’s behavior through automated bid incrementing towards the reserve price
  • Better forecast how auctions will perform, understanding bidders’ absentee-bid interest relative to set reserves
  • Grow sales with online-only auctions (even when on summer vacation)


How Do Reserves Affect Bidders?

For all auctions, absentee bidders will be notified if the reserve price has not been met through an alert on the lot page and on their My Bids page.

Live bidders will also be notified of a reserve during timed sales only, which are not clerked by an auctioneer.

If you are running a live sale, LiveAuctioneers will not display any messaging about the reserve price to live bidders, as the clerk is in control of operating the sale and we do not want to interfere with your activity.

If a bid during a live sale is less than the set reserve price, our technology will prompt the bidder to place a higher bid closer to the reserve price. During a live sale clerked by a live auctioneer, the technology system will not prompt a higher bid, and auctioneers are strongly discouraged from engaging in this type of behavior manually.

How to Add Reserve Prices

Easily apply reserve prices to your items during single or batch lot upload.

  • For single lot upload, fill in the ‘reserve’ field with a numeric number. Please exclude any currencies or decimal places.
  • For batch lot upload, include a column titled ‘Reserve Price.’ As with the other numeric inputs, please keep these inputs to whole numbers  like ‘1000’ and exclude commas or periods. A sample sheet can be downloaded here (include link).

Best Practices For Reserve Pricing

  • Reserves should not be higher than the low estimate of items. The low estimate should be a reasonable and achievable outcome for the final price of an item.
  • Changes to reserves should be made no later than two hours prior to the start of a sale.
  • Reserves cannot be changed after the item has already sold.
  • Per above, lots cannot be canceled post-sale due to the item(s) not reaching a perceived value. A reserve should be the minimum for which a lot will sell; once the reserve is met, the bidder has met the base requirement for winning the item.
  • Similarly, bidders should not be able to cancel a sale if they bid above the reserve and won the item at or above that amount.
  • Buyers should always be informed on LiveAuctioneers when there is a reserve on an item. Utilize the reserve price feature to inform bidders that there is a reserve.
  • It is not appropriate for an auction house to bid on their own items exceeding the reserve price.

Ready to enjoy more business?

Get more info: Learn more about how to set up your next timed auction with reserve pricing here.

Set up a training: Click here to contact our support team to get a formal training on setting up automated timed auctions with reserves.

It’s Easier to Find and Win Items with LiveAuctioneers’ New Website

Millions of bidders and thousands of auctioneers have trusted LiveAuctioneers with over $40 billion in bids.  While leading the online live auction industry, LiveAuctioneers has been the first to introduce streaming video, iOS and Android apps, online payments, and more. Each of these innovations came from careful research and development with our community.

Our new site is a result of listening to feedback.  You can now find, discover, and win exceptional items, with features like outbid alerts, advanced search, a mobile-friendly design, auction times in your time zone, image zoom, and more.

Our new site will remain accessible alongside our “Classic” site until we’ve delivered more of the features you’re used to as well as made sure that we’ve gotten the experience right.

See Current Leading Bid & Know If You’re Outbid

All upcoming items now display the current leading bid, and our one-click bidding design easily helps guide you to a win. When you bid before an auction starts, you’ll be notified immediately as to whether or not you have the current leading bid.  Outbid Notification


Advanced Search

Refine your search by multiple auction houses, country, category, price, and more. Sorting options include newest listed items, number of bids placed, and current leading bid. And you can easily create search alerts with the same preferences.

Advanced Search


You can also search within a catalog or auction house.

Search Within Catalog


Image Zoom

All photos have an advanced zoom capability, so you will now be able to see the condition of an item with greater clarity and precision before you bid.

Mobile Phone & Tablet- Friendly

The new site has a responsive design which is optimized on any screen size, allowing you to easily bid with your phone or tablet.


Mobile Phone & Tablet- Friendly


Quick Access to Your Bids and Saved items

From the top of any page, you can easily access your bids and saved items to get to the items you need the most.



Easily Browse Related Items

From any upcoming item page, you can easily preview and navigate to the next item in the catalog.

Catalog Browse


Scroll down to browse other items in the auction’s catalog as well similar items on-page. When you find items you like, simply click the blue heart to save them.


Browse Related Items


Enhanced Auction Calendar

Find and discover auctions by date, auction status, auction house, location, and featured items.

Auction Calendar


Automatically See Auction Times in Your Time Zone

Based on your location, we automatically detect your timezone and display all auction times for you as such.

Store Your Credit Card and Pay with One-Click

Put your credit card on file with us for faster auction approvals and to easily pay for items through the LiveAuctioneers platform.







We look forward to hearing your feedback to help us prioritize where our energies should be focused next. On any page, easily submit feedback in the bottom right window. We read everything, and react as quickly as possible by releasing new updates weekly if not daily. We look forward to continuing to offer constant, ongoing improvements that will help you discover and win exceptional items from trusted sellers.