Add Auction Curators to Your Sales

Introducing a new way to build trust with buyers to increase activity on your auction sales

Auctioneers can now add a headshot and short bio on their auction lot pages, revealing to bidders the expert specialist who curated the items for the auction. The addition of the auction curators’ profile on lot pages, enables auctioneers to:

  • Build trust with online bidders displaying the specialists at your auction house
  • Add context to sales by revealing who curated the sale
  • Create lasting value by disclosing your expert teams to bidders

It is proven that with more detailed descriptions and added context on your lots, bidders are more confident in participating in your auctions, driving up sell through rates on your items.

How to Add Auction Curators

How can you add curator bios to your lot pages? Email the support team with the following information:

  • First Name and Last Name of Specialist Curator
  • Email Address of Specialist
  • Short bio up to 60 characters (example: Americana & Folk Art Specialist)
  • Headshot (optimal image size: 500px x 500 px)

Auction houses can provide an unlimited number of specialists for their auction house profile, however, at this time only two curators can be displayed per catalog. After bios are added to auction house profiles from by the support team, follow these instructions on adding expert bios to your catalogs.

To Keep in Mind

  • At this time, only up to two curators can be displayed per catalog
  • You can provide as many specialists as you’d like for your auction house profile, so you can choose the best fit for each auction
  • Photo tip: The best headshots are color photos, hi-res images, with a professional appearance

Ready to Build Trust?

Contact Support today to add Auction Curators to your catalogs and build trust with your online bidders.